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   My name is Mark Hinkle. I was born and raised in Kenai, Alaska in the 70’s. At that time, not only was Kenai a very small town of a few thousand people, but my family lived several miles out of the town itself. While there were hardware stores and therefore tools available of course, they weren’t as readily available as they are today. Even so, when they were, we didn’t always have the money to be able to just buy a tool when we needed to. If a tool broke, or didn’t function as it should, we were shut down whether the project was building a home, fixing the car, or building an outhouse (just kidding, we didn’t live in igloos and had indoor plumbing and everything, although our very good friends, the Kuhls did have to hand pump their water.) Our tools had to last.

    So that’s the physical side of things, there’s a psychological side too. Although I am a child from the frivolous spending of the 80s, I was taught that the instant gratification and the throw away lifestyle that goes with it is a destructive mindset. As one of my oldest and best friends spells out here, if you have the knowledge of what to look for, you can invest (yes, invest, it can actually make you money) in a tool and it can last not only your lifetime, but the lifetime of generations.

    Through my life, I was ASE certified and owned my own auto repair service, assembled manufactured homes, worked as a counterman and outside sales at NAPA Auto, endured a five year apprenticeship program to get my electrical license in three states, helped my father as an AI mechanic to work on airplanes (my father being the AI, not me.) and finally started a business designing, building and raising timber frame structures.

    All of these positions have allowed me to have a tool in my hand. Using them, breaking and fixing them, modifying them, and generally learning what is good, and what is crap.

   I currently live in Washington state, U.S.A and I am designing and building my own timber frame home. I built this website hoping to help people through the things that I’ve struggled through myself to make their work a little easier. And if I can make a buck or two in the process, well then we all get something out of it. God bless the internet : )>.

   I've had people telling me that they are interested in starting a web site but have no idea ...

  • How to start one
  • What to write about
  • How to "set it up" properly

   SBI! Shows you step by step how do do all that and so much more.

I was introduced to web site development by a girl I was dating at the time. I was very skeptical because, like you I'm sure, I had seen many schemes set up for less than desirable business ideas, or just down right ways of taking your money. But I trusted her opinion and as I looked more into SBI, I began to see that it was nothing like those other companies. It’s founder, Ken Evoy is a family man who is actively involved in a very positive way with purchasers of SBI (lurking for a while on the forums will prove that to you), the company started in 1997, so has been around a while, and the process they use for building the web sites themselves made total sense.
   Even with all these reasons, the clincher for me was the 100% money back guarantee. I used it…it’s legit. I couldn’t start right away and the 1 year clock was ticking so I got my money back and later repurchased to start this site.

   Do yourself a favor if you’re interested at all in owning a website and if at this time next year you want to be working on and making money from your own web site instead of sitting there and reading mine, check SBI out further.

Work From Home With SBI!

Thanks for reading about me, and I hope you can find some helpful info on the site. If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop me a line.


Mark Hinkle

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