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Audew Auto Accessories

With a large variety of car accessories, Audew may have something for you but how is the quality? We take a look at one the many small compressors that they offer at a cheap price.

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What is the WHaTS?

We review this versatile and innovative Wheeled Hand Tool System. Quickly transform this heavy-duty tool to do large workloads with no motor and no fuel!

Continue reading "What is the WHaTS? "

RToddS Engineering

A brief history of RToddS Engineering and the creation of The WANK!

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The WANK! Created to hold the whole bolt stack without ever dropping a nut, bolt or washer again, follow along as we inspect this very interesting tool.

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Wheeled Handtool Systems Inc.

A history of Wheeled Handtool Systems Inc. Dedicated to building quality, low cost, durable tools to multiply your workload without fuel or electricity!

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Great Tools Make Great Gifts!

I'm very happy to announce our first tool available for purchase on QHTR.com!

After reviewing Rolgears amazing ratcheting screwdrivers, I discovered that they were very hard to find in the US. Since I always provide a way for my readers to buy a tool if it's a good one, I decided to become a distributor for the US (and the world). Just in time for Christmas! Read the review and buy one today, quality tools are a quality investment!

Continue reading "Great Tools Make Great Gifts!"

Rolgear 8-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver Purchase Page

Rolgear 8-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver Purchase Page

Continue reading "Rolgear 8-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver Purchase Page"

Rolgear Ratcheting Screwdriver. A Real Guy Review

Ratcheting screwdrivers are NOT all the same. The innovative mechanism inside Rolgears ratcheting screwdriver line is so smooth and precise, it borders on voodoo.

Continue reading "Rolgear Ratcheting Screwdriver. A Real Guy Review"

The History Of Rolgear Inc.

A bit of history of Rolgear Inc., Robert Suter and his exclusive smooth and silent ratcheting screwdriver. Know the company, know your tools.

Continue reading "The History Of Rolgear Inc."

DeWalt 35ft. Tape Measure Review and Tips

The DeWalt DWHT33387 35ft. Tape Measure, the pros and cons… and some tips thrown in.

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