While I prefer to stick with American made products, quality is what we're really about here. And quality can come from other countries as well.
On that, I've had an opportunity to review a tool that proved to be rather unusual. The tool itself is not one that is really used that often by people and the company proved to be a real mystery itself

I only say that as an apology for not having more information as I normally try to do a thorough history for you to know what kind of company that you are giving your money to. Usually, the quality of the company reflects in the quality of the tools.

Audew, is actually one of two names along with Elegiant that is trademarked by Guangzhou Unique Electronics Co, Ltd.that provides products ranging from computers to 3D spectacles and accumulators to automotive air compressors.

Based in Baiyun District, Guangzhou City in China, they market much of their product line through Amazon. Though I couldn't really find much info on the company history or the history of any products and the products themselves seem to change often.

From their website:

"AUDEW: About this brand, It is always devoted to selling car and motorcycle parts, mainly front grill, car MP3, gear shift knob, car mirrors, car lights, etc.

The purpose of our brand always provide high quality and low price products for everyone. Help your beloved car and provide the sincerest service for every customer.

Your encourage is our motivation to discover the trend of fashion and create your dreaming products. Make your car keep on running, make your life better."

With a very wide variety of products, Audew just may have something shiny that will catch your eye for a very cheap price.


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