Rolgears' 8-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver

Rolgears' Single-handed, Ratcheting, Multi-bit Screwdriver

When we write a review of a tool here at, we try to give links for the good tools so people know where to buy them. We found that Rolgear Drivers were not easy to find but were so good, we decided to become a distributor to be able to provide them to our readers.

These are great tools to have in a drawer at home for occasional repairs and in your main toolbox for serious work. I have one for each!

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All Rolgear drivers are covered for life from defects. To be clear, this doesn't mean when it wears out, you get a new one. parts wear out and that's no fault of the manufacturer. But if it ever breaks, we can send it back and they will determine what went wrong and likely replace it. Yes, you have to cover shipping. This is just an honest warranty so you know that the day you receive it, it's not a piece of garbage that will break in a few weeks. 

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