Zen Toolworks Dremel CNC Assembly Video Series

Here is the official Dremel CNC assembly video series for the Zen Toolworks  7x7. There is NO better way to build something than to see it done first in order to know how to do it yourself.

The steps Will be the same for the 12x7 and the 12x12. Follow along to get that new toy of yours making all the pieces, parts, hardware, and whatever else you need.

Step 1: Prepare Bearings

Very simple first step.
Just two tools needed:

  • Workbench or table
  • Vice


Step 2: Prepare Motors

One more tool needed:

  • Screwdriver


Step 3: Prepare Leadscrews

All hand work.


Step 4: Prepare Bearing Mount

Additional tools:

  • Allen wrench (comes with kit)
  • Wrench (Channel Locks or Crescent wrench or similar)


Step 5: X Axis

Additional tools:

  • Cleaning rags/paper towels


Step 6: Z Axis


Step 7: Y Axis


Step 8: Final Assembly


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2: Prep Motors

3: Prep Leadscrews

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5: X Axis

6: Z Axis

7: Y Axis

8: Final Assembly


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